Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Covert Affairs

Piper Perabo, of Coyoty Ugly fame stars in this hour drama on USA network. On paper it sounds like a rip-off of Alias, which honestly, I wouldn’t mind. Early on we learn that Annie Walker (Perabo) did a lot of traveling. She met a man and opened her heart to him in the matter of three weeks. He left her in the middle of the night with a cryptic note about the truth (Sound familiar?) This drives her to close off her emotions and join the CIA. Before the first episode ends we find that even though she is awarded by the CIA in the end for catching the bad guy, she herself really never accomplished anything she set out to do. It was a good beginning, but I’m hoping in this that they are trying to show us that she will get better and not how great she already is. The cast is pretty good, although I could do without having to look at Peter Gallagher. Blech! There was a lot of action and interesting characters. I’m looking forward to seeing where this will go.
 (3 out of 5 Hot Guys)

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