Thursday, July 15, 2010


It was hubby’s choice this weekend at the theater so we went to see Eclipse. He’s read the all but the last book in the Twilight series so he’s pretty into it. I, on the other hand do not see what all the fuss is about. I read half of the first book and got bored. The movie wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t great and only mildly entertaining at best. Let’s start with the actors: I was really excited when the role of Victoria was recast and Bryce Dallas Howard was taking over. I loved her in The Village and even though audiences didn’t care for Lady In The Water that much, I kinda liked it. She can do better than this character though. She doesn’t have much screen time and most of the time when she is on screen you can’t tell that it’s her. I do like Kristen Stewart. I want to like her anyway, but the teen drama of the story gets in the way of her whiny character. I don’t care much for either male leads. They are both unattractive and dull. Perhaps the most exciting cast members are the rest of the Cullen clan and Dakota Fanning. There are some good moments in the movie where Bella learns about some of the other characters through flashbacks. These flashbacks lead her to make some crafty decisions toward the climax of the film. I like it better when the movie doesn’t concentrate so much on the love triangle. This is rare since that’s all that seems to matter in Forks. All in all, if you are into the Twilight books and series, this is the best of the movies so far.
  (2 out of 5 Hot Dudes)

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