Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Interupted

Saturday, July 10th 2:30AM I woke up and had to pee as I generally do. However, I got back to bed and could NOT get comfortable. There was a strange pain I had never felt before in my lower back and through my right side. I waited as I didn't want to wake hubby up but it got worse. 3:00AM came and it felt worse. Hubby got up on his own to use the bathroom and when he came back I told him what was happening. "It sounds like a kidney stone" he said. He has had TWO so I knew he knew what he was talking about. I finally got halfway comfortable and almost got back to sleep when the pain got worse. "We need to go to the Emergency Room" he said. So we headed to the ER about 15 miles from the house. When we got there they attended to me right away which was amazingly perfect until the nurses came in. The first one looked like she was 12 years old and she was supposed to start on IV, only after poking and prodding my arms for about 15 minutes she gave up and called Grandma Moses in to try. She finally got it after half of my blood dripped down my arm and onto the floor. Then the medication came and I felt instant relief. I was able to calm and actually fell asleep until they came to get me to take a CT scan. About 20 minutes after the scan, the doc came back in and confirmed that I had a kidney stone. I came home and slept for most of the day. I couldn't eat much as I didn't have an appetite. I'm now playing the waiting game as the stone still hasn't passed but the worst part is over. Hopefully, this will all be a distant memory soon.

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Demotheus said...

I work in a hospital and think your comments on the nurse ages are hilarious and so true. I see so many phlebotomists and nurses who look like children playing dress up while being trained by the crypt keeper. Sorry you got a kidney stone (hope it has passed!) but thanks for making me laugh out loud with the Grandma Moses description